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Don’t settle for more

Happiness is less about the law of attraction and more about the art of recognition.

Getting what you want will not compensate for an underdeveloped ability to appreciate what you have.

The same blind spots that stop you from seeing how good it already is, if left uncorrected, will be right there to prevent you from enjoying yourself when you successfully attract what you think you need.

Instead of trying to magnetize what you want, try magnifying your perception of what you have.

Don’t mistake this perspective, however, for apathy-based contentment.

The art of recognition isn’t about settling for less. It’s about awakening to the fact that you already possess more than you’re currently conscious of.

Don’t settle for a life of manifesting more stuff. Aim for an understanding of the Universe that does away with the belief ┬áthat you are separate from the abundance and well-being that you seek.


T.K. Coleman

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