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Quit trying to be positive!

Optimism isn’t about making positive assumptions nor is it about forcing yourself to feel good.

Optimism is simply the art of remaining open to possibility.

In other words, what happens when we are no longer occupying the mind with our judgments, labels, and dogmatic opinions?

When we are not trying to artificially make ourselves believe that life is great and when we are not busy assuming that it’s the end of the world, we are left with nothing but possibility.

That state of being open to possibility without judgement is the source of creative power, personal growth, inner peace, and pleasant emotion.

Positive assumptions are only needed when you have negative assumptions that you’re trying to overcome. But when you drop your assumptions, altogether, your soul stands naked in the open fields of possibility. And what you choose to create from that space is up to you.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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    1. You’re very gracious for that comment and I appreciate it very much. I try to write from the heart, so it means a lot when my musings connect with another soul. Thanks for saying that. Cheers 🙂

  1. I love your focus on optimism – since I’ve been fed up with listening to various interpretations of “positive thinking” many of which are seriously lacking as an effective way to deal with life. Optimism works extremely well for me! It’s like the exact concept I’ve been seeking for years! I’m so happy I ran across your blog and wish you years of success with it!

    1. Thank you, Beverly. I’m taken aback, in the most positive way, by your words. I’m glad you identify with some of my understandings and I appreciate you taking the time to express that AND you wishing such kind things upon me. Again, thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy the my postings. Feel free to stop by anytime and feel free to comment, chat, or throw out any questions you’d like. Wishing you the best possible life you’re capable of creating. Cheers, T.K.

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