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Nothing works!

No-THING works because THINGS don’t do work.

People work.

THINGS just sit around unless people decide to make constructive use of them.

No-THING ever changes until we make the mental and physical adjustments necessary to create such change.

Beware of placing your hope in ancient techniques, or modern techniques, or conventional techniques, or alternative techniques, or tried and true techniques.

EVERY technique has failed SOMEBODY and there’s no way to be sure that the technique you’re relying on won’t fail you.

Life is not a science where you can just repeat somebody else’s experiments and get a guaranteed result.

Life is an art; you have to take creative risks; you have to be willing to make a mess; you have to take ownership of your mess; you have to figure out a way to transform your mess into poems, paintings. sculptures, or something that’s useful, or beautiful, or palatable, or at least tolerable.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Forget techniques and place your hope in your willingness to adapt, evolve, survive, and thrive.

When you’re committed to taking responsibility for your life, everything may not work but everything will work OUT!


T.K. Coleman

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