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Why you should follow your dreams even if you “fail”

When you move in the direction of your dreams, you initiate an alchemical process that results in your spiritual and psychological transformation.

The challenges you’ll have to overcome, the fears you’ll need to face, the mistakes you’ll make, the ecstatic moments you’ll experience, the people you’ll meet—these will all be triggers activating aspects of your soul that you never knew existed.

It’s impossible to pursue a dream while remaining the same person that you were when you first conceived the dream.

Following your heart is not only a creative journey of going after what you want, it is also an evolutionary journey of becoming who you really are.

Here’s today’s two cents:

The real magic isn’t in Oz. Following the yellow brick road leads to YOU. And once you actualize the Possible You, you’ll cherish that fact far more than any fantasies you originally set out to chase.


T.K. Coleman

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