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On being blunt!

There is a vast difference between “conveying meaningful data” and “refusing to sugar-coat” one’s words.

Bluntness is a matter of delivery. It says nothing, either way, about the substance of what’s being delivered.

In other words, being blunt is not a substitute for being informed or helpful.

I can appreciate a person who prides themselves on “telling it like it is” and “not pulling any punches”, but I don’t treat such people any differently from anyone else.

At the end of the day, I don’t evaluate what anyone says on the basis of how confident or cutting they are when they say it. I’m looking for ideas that are useful to me. And if something isn’t useful to me, I’m throwing it out whether it was bluntly stated or not.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Never place your faith in someone who “keeps it real” without first scrutinizing their particular understanding of what’s real.┬áPeople have the right to express themselves in whatever manner they wish, but your belief formation process need not be dictated by how confident someone else is in their style of communication.┬áThink for yourself. Just because someone is blunt doesn’t mean they actually know what they’re talking about. And even if they know what they’re talking about, it’s no guarantee that their opinions will be relevant to anything that’s important to you.

Being blunt certainly has it’s time, place, and value, but just like everything else, it doesn’t get a free pass.

Blunt or not, make sure the messages you’re listening to are worth your time.


T.K. Coleman

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