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There will never be enough time

The problem with saying “I don’t have enough time” isn’t that it’s a bad excuse. The problem is that it’s a legitimate excuse every single person on the planet has access to.

No one has “enough” time. We’re all very busy pursuing our own dreams, staying in touch with our own families, paying our own bills, dealing with our own problems, etc.

The person who makes time to talk, the person who makes time to learn piano, the person who makes time for their kids, the person who makes time to have fun, the person who makes time to get sleep, the person who makes time to work on their dreams, exercise, and eat healthy is not some lucky guy or girl who’s been uniquely blessed with a life of no demands.

They don’t have more time or easier lives than the rest of us. They just choose to ignore the excuses.

When we treat the people who make time for the important things as if they are special, we let ourselves off the hook.

Instead, we should challenge ourselves to be more like them by ignoring our own excuses and prioritizing the things that really matter.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Make less excuses. Make more time.

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