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Don’t be afraid to sound “obvious”

More important than originality is honesty and conviction.

It’s possible to say what has never been said while still having little to no effect.

Our real capacity for impact is born when we own our message from the inside out.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Don’t compromise or suppress the message that is truly yours just because it’s possible that your audience has already heard something similar to what you wish to say.

Say it again—in YOUR voice, with YOUR feelings, from YOUR perspective, through YOUR story.

When you consistently vibrate at the same frequency as the sentiments you express, your work will reverberate whether it’s being heard for the first time in history or not.

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  1. I thought about this same thing today as I wrote my first poem for my blog. It may have all been said before, but I feel the conviction of it’s point burning in my soul and so I shared it. As I re-read it up on my page I realise it is one of a few posts which I am most proud. And yet my poetry is not something I have felt worth sharing before. I really enjoy your two cents. I get some specific point of confirmation each and every time! Keep up the fabulous work. 🙂

  2. I’m really glad you relate to this one. I have to battle it out with this feeling at least once a week and the battles are usually Lord of the Rings Epic. I enjoy your writing too. So, let’s keep following our muse and ignoring the demons of resistance that tell us to silence the music that’s coming out of our hearts. Thank you for bringing your wonderful energy to my blog today 🙂 Cheers!

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