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When good decisions have bad results, stay good!

Because life isn’t an exact science, good decisions will occasionally lead to results that are the opposite of what we expect.

Sometimes we do things simply because we believe they’re the right things to do and, every now and then, we’re right.

Unfortunately, we often make the mistake of assuming that other people’s concept of “the right thing to do” is identical to ours.

When people fail to react or reciprocate in the way we expect, we not only become bitter, but we allow our own sense of what is right to be compromised because of our disappointment.

In our state of being hurt, we make pronouncements like “I’ll never tell anyone how much I care about them ever again”, “I’ll never trust anyone ever again”, and “I’ll never go out of my way to help anyone ever again.”

When we make decisions like that, we allow other people to rob us of the qualities that make us unique and beautiful.

When we totally abandon our convictions because of an experience in which we were taken advantage of, we also abandon the possibilities for connection that exist between us and the people who are appreciative of our style, our ideals, and our good works.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Sometimes you have to decide who you want to be independently of how others respond to you. If you update your life-philosophy, your value-system, and your intuitive guidance every time someone fails to say “thank you”, “I love you”, “I agree”, or “that’s awesome”, you’ll lose your sense of direction altogether and life will become an agonizing chess match in which you’re calculating everything you do based on the anticipated reactions of an opponent who’s out to get you.

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