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How I avoided a fatal accident by sacrificing my right to be right

Yesterday, I stood patiently at a stoplight waiting for my opportunity to cross the street.

After about half a minute or so, the light for oncoming traffic turned red and the walk signal for pedestrians came on.

Before deciding to walk, I double-checked my pathway by looking both ways

Lo and behold, a driver came speeding down the street at no less than 50 miles per hour and blew past the traffic light as if it were green.

It was one of the most dangerous moving violations I’ve seen in a long time.

Based on the rules of the road that you and I have to learn in order to obtain a driver’s license, this driver was clearly in the wrong.

I had the right of way and there’s no dispute. His light wasn’t in the process of turning red. It WAS red. Had I walked onto the street and been hit, it would’ve have been the driver’s fault and I honestly believe my claim would be validated by any observers.

The driver who almost hit me was wrong, but I’m not alive right now because “I was right and he was wrong.”

The only thing that stopped me from being fatally injured was my alertness combined with the willingness to adapt.

Here’s my two cents:

Being right will NOT stop people from turning you into roadkill.

You can complain all day long about the people who do bad things, but if you don’t wake up, open your eyes, live consciously, and take responsibility for making sure YOU’RE taken care of, you WILL get ran over.

More important than being right, is being aware.

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  1. The Boston Transcript once printed this bit of significant doggerel:
    Here lies the body of William Jay, . Who died maintaining his right of
    way-He was right, dead right, as he sped along, But he’s just as
    dead as if he were wrong.
    You may be right, dead right, as you speed along in your argument;
    but as far as changing another’s mind is concerned, you will probably
    be just as futile as if you were wrong.

  2. Oh T.K I am so glad you were aware! I wasn’t and got cleaned up by that red light runner. Luckily I was in a car and my injuries, were treatable over time.
    Another timely post. I can’t get enough of them at the moment! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderfully wise insights with us all. What a true blessing you are!

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