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Be good to people, but…

…don’t forget that YOU are one of the people to be good to.

Failing to exhibit compassion towards yourself is no more excusable than being cold and callous to somebody else.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, but refuse to do unto yourself the unkind things you wouldn’t want others to do.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Having compassion for myself is a challenge for me. So many loud critical inner voices, but bit by bit I am putting aside those old recordings for everpresent lovingkindness and compassion for ME! Thanks for the reminder, T.K. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and affirmation, Audrey. I relate to your journey of learning to quiet those inner gremlins. There is a teacher by the name of Cheri Huber who has been a great blessing to me. She has a wonderful book entitled, “There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate.” This book really played a big role in my journey of letting go of the resistance. Very powerful stuff. Just thought I’d share in case it appealed to you. Cheers to unconditional self-love 🙂


      1. Thanks,T.K. I will look for Cheri Huber’s book. It already appeals to me, just from the title!
        And yes yes yes, cheers to unconditional self-love 🙂

        1. Hooray! I love when an empowering resource circulates. I genuinely love that book and, yes, the title says it. My ego screamed “no,no,no..there MUST be something wrong with me” the entire time when I read it for the first time. With time, however, I become more and more successful of letting go of the stories to which I have become unhealthily attached. I really hope you enjoy the book and that it serves you well, Audrey. Peace (and joy) be the journey 🙂

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