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Use the problems to your advantage

Difficulty is life’s invitation to practice those aspects of our perfection that we have not yet learned to embrace.

You and I are better than we think we are but, trapped by our conditioned patterns of self-negation, we project our own greatness onto the outside world and, consequently, experience our lives as the unwitting effect of external forces and secondary causes.

Through our hardships, our inconveniences, and our annoyances we are given the chance to set things right.

The experience of contrast is nothing less than an opportunity to recognize and recover that portion of our inner genius and creative power that our life-journey now considers us fit to redeem.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Never resent your particular challenges. In every case, without exception, your burdens are portals leading to the awareness of  your highest self. So walk through them, because a problem is never truly solved until the person is evolved.

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