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Life is a game of metaphors

Within language, we acknowledge a distinction between metaphorical language and non-metaphorical language.

In a sense, this distinction is misleading for language, by its very nature, is fundamentally metaphorical.

Our words, at best, are approximations of a reality that is broader than the linguistic apparatus we use to capture it.

The act of expressing oneself, whether literally or figuratively, always excludes some portion of that which is being pointed at by the description.

Moreover, what is true of language is also true of the thoughts we use language to express.

The moment you form a concept of something, you have created a gap between Reality and your mental representation of it.

In this sense, thought is also metaphor.

I am not merely asserting that there is such a thing as metaphorical thoughts.

I am claiming that the very act of thinking is nothing less than the process of playing around with metaphors.

This isn’t to say that metaphors are wrong, unimportant, or to be avoided.

It IS to say that our thoughts (and the words we use to express them) are probably not as serious as we tend to suppose.

This is good news.

It means we are free to believe as we believe and behave as we behave without feeling morally or rationally obliged to attribute the property of “objectivity” to anything we say, think, feel, or do.

All our perceptions and descriptions of life are simply metaphors.

They are like outfits in our closet. We can put them on, take them off, change them, or whatever else suits our fancy.

Speaking of metaphors…

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