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The Practice of Creating: Creativity not required!

Some say we’re all creative.

Others assert that only certain kinds of people are creative.

It’s an interesting debate, but neither position is a prerequisite for engaging in the actual practice of creating.

“Creative” is an adjective. It’s a word that pinpoints certain qualities and is often associated with attributes like “artistic”, “original”, “unique”, “imaginative”, “eccentric”, and “stylish.”

“Creating” is a verb. It’s a word that describes what someone does independently of the qualities they may or may not possess.

“Creative” is a personality trait. “Creating” is a process.

“Creative” is about the qualities you possess. “Creating” is about the effects you produce.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Whatever your concept of being “creative” may be, there’s no need for you to have a certain personality type in order to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Your ability to alter reality by producing measurable effects with your thoughts and actions has nothing to do with how cool (or uncool) you dress, what color your hair is (or isn’t), what you majored (or didn’t major) in, or what your High School Art Teacher thought (or didn’t think) of you.

We all have the power to move ideas into manifestation. This power shows no partiality to those who are seen as “creative types.”

If you DO see yourself as creative, the presence of that label can’t do your work for you.

If you DON’T see yourself as creative, the absence of that label can’t stop you from doing whatever it is you decide to do.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. What a brilliant article. Your articles help me discern the true nature of my feelings. You’ve hit the nail on the head so to speak… True creativity comes from the desire of wanting to manifest, not a label or a non label.

    Thank you.

    Keep them coming, you are helping me decipher the world they way i want it to be deciphered.

    Priti x

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