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“But I shouldn’t have to…”

Perhaps you shouldn’t, but will you be happier that way?

We all have standards that we need to stick by in order to remain true to ourselves, but sometimes, if we’re not careful, our ego’s need to make a statement can get in the way of creating what we truly want.

There’s nothing harmful or inappropriate about saying,

“I am capable of creating the results I want without having to do x, y, and z” or “I have more to gain and I will be much happier by choosing an alternative path”,

but all too often, “I shouldn’t have to…” means something along the following lines:

 “I know that I’m capable of making my ideas happen by doing x, y, and z, but I would rather sit back and see if another party cares about x, y, and z as much as I do. I refuse to do it because I believe it is somebody else’s job to fill in the gaps. I may be putting my desires, needs, and dreams in THEIR hands, but I am entitled to do so.

This attitude isn’t necessarily WRONG, but it is almost always ineffective.

In fact, it misses the point of the creative process entirely:

Ultimately, creativity isn’t about what we don’t HAVE to do. It’s about what we CAN do to bring forth the results that matter most to us.

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. For sure. T.K. Very creative.

    We don’t HAVE to do anything but die (as the elderly woman wisely said) and everything else we CAN chose to do (including recognizing that NOT doing anything is also a choice.)

    Think of all the positive choices we can make to fulfill our lives!



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