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Why You don’t need to be positive about everything

Being positive ABOUT the things you don’t like is different from being positive IN SPITE OF the things you don’t like.

The former involves trying to make yourself feel good about things that don’t naturally feel good to you.

The latter is about developing the ability to be inspired in a way that is not threatened by the existence of unwanted elements.

As an optimist, I allow myself the complete freedom to dislike what I dislike without apologizing for it.

I dislike murder, theft, and rape, for instance, and I will continue to dislike such things as long as I live.

I have no intentions on becoming the kind of person who feels positive ABOUT the manipulation and enslavement of others.

Well then, what exactly does it mean to be optimistic?

Here’s today’s two cents:

We don’t have to be happy about what we dislike in order to keep the existence of what we dislike from defeating our happiness.

In other words, “Don’t let it ruin your day” isn’t the same as “force yourself to feel good about it.”

Enduring horror and hardship does not require us to celebrate horror and hardship.

There will always be elements, entities, and events in our world that fly in the face of our values and sensitivities.

“Don’t let it ruin your day” simply means that you’re not going to let those things consume your energy and reduce you to a resentful person who lives with a chip on their shoulder.

I hope that distinction helps.


T.K. Coleman

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