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Bad energy or untapped creativity?

Energy is energy.

The labels we project upon it, like “positive energy” or “negative energy”, are simply expressions of the relationship we are having with it at that particular time.

When our interactions with a person, for instance, result in an unpleasant feeling, we may label that individual as having “bad energy” or “negative vibes.”

These descriptions may say far more about how we’re processing the elements of their personality than it does about the inherent qualities of their energy.

We all have to deal with people who seem to have bad vibes

Instead of casually categorizing such people as “bearers of bad energy”, what if we tried viewing all forms of energy as neutral vibrations that can be harnessed into creative forces when sufficiently understood?

Consider electricity.

In an uncontrolled environment, its power is experienced as a wild and potentially dangerous force.

That same power, when harnessed and conducted along creative lines, is experienced as luxury, convenience, and efficiency.

What if we could find ways to channel the energy of those who irritate us in a direction that actually makes our lives better?

What if the very experience of irritation is nothing less than a signal from our emotional guidance system telling us that we are failing to make constructive use of the energies we’re interacting with at that moment?

What if the perception of something or someone as having “low energy” is a reflection of our “low thinking” and, consequently, an invitation for us to ascend to a higher level of consciousness?

What if every time someone attempted to use us for their own selfish purposes, we creatively used their energy for our own spiritual evolution?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Good idea if I can figure out a way of all the ‘negative’ energies coming out of politicians trying to use us for their own selfish ends (in the name of ‘taking care of us’ ) for my own spiritual evolution .

  2. Hi T.K,

    Great analogy my friend, Negative energy is the essential part of any system, be it human brain, computer motherboard or any other subsystem in the physical form. It’s not the negetive energy that needs to be avoided. It is our channeling and redirecting of that force, that needs to be controled, in constructive ways, energies need to be implemented in the manner that serve the highest good of all. Negative or positive energy if directed for self-serving purposes at the cost of harming other beings needs to be avoided, in my humble opinion.
    I see intentions that one carries in heart as the molder and the director of these energys, heart is the keyword here not the labels that we assign to the polarities of the source. At least this is how i see it.

    “What if every time someone attempted to use us for their own selfish purposes, we creatively used their energy for our own What if every time someone attempted to use us for their own selfish purposes, we creatively used their energy for our own spiritual evolution?

    Your thoughts?

    spiritual evolution?”

    That is called creativity my friend, and I personally only Live for my spiritual evolution, humbly, so I can be a bigger vessel in the hands of the grand architect, almighty God the creator of heaven and earth, to be of service to him and all of his children regardless of their race, color or religion.

    So since I know my intentions and I have my Lord on my side, I trust that I can harness any form of energy into more light And more positivity for all.


  3. Hello T.K.

    Agreed. Energy is energy. As Aristotle would say A is A. However….

    “Positive or negative energy” and “good or bad vibes” although used often, are broad terms. Can mean so many different things to many different people. Your comments are very good. Generally not problematic, until…

    There are good people who can be deeply injured (emotionally and/or physically) by persisting
    in projecting their own goodness onto a bad person that can harm them. Such naivity can be dangerous. (Ask parents trying to protect their children. Ask adults undergoing the trauma of
    a harmful relationship. Ask some in law and order who have seen the aftermath, etc.)

    Then there are thoses people who do the reverse and project their badness onto good people who they feel deserve to be treated badly.

    And many variations in between.

    Most of us not are good at “first impressions” yet we’ll persist in thinking they’re valid indicators. Takes some time to get to know another person, but our reactions may be colored by multiple biases. Most of us are not the good judges of people that we think we are. Ourselves included.

    Developing life skills to find people who enhance our lives vs avoiding those who would diminish
    our lives is vital and a worthwhile endeavour. Believe it starts with “vibes” or “energy” or the “gut
    reaction” which then should be explored more fully. Even doubt often has its source in buried
    knowledge trying to surface.

    What do you think?



  4. Terrific post…Now if I can just have this idea in my pocket to remind me the next time I come across someone with bad energy, I mean neutral energy I let effect me in a bad way. 😉

    I feel the key to this is harnessing the emotional reaction and finding clarity in the nervous system to remember to turn the perspective around. A difficult feat, yet worth a try..Indeed! 🙂

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