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Being happy for “them” is healthy for “us”

Being thankful for what WE have involves refusing to despise others for what THEY have.

By allowing others the freedom to enjoy what life has given them, without casting judgmental and jealous thoughts in their direction, we liberate the space in our hearts to appreciate the universe as a place that gives everyone, and not just a lucky few, more than what is supposedly deserved.

The dismissal of any one person as being undeserving of the gifts which life has granted them is tantamount to the condemnation of our own blessings.

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. When I raised my son, I advised him that whatever he wanted in life that others had, to go and ask them. Whether they are good with their money, making it, budgeting, or managing their time, or undeterred in the face of hardships, or good with healthy relationships, or seem happy,
    etc. To seek out their “stories.” To be observant. And that many people will be generous with their knowledge and information. That they will share their (learned) skills.

    I believe in a spiritual/material world. Mind and body. We are not disembodied ghosts, nor just bodies without souls. If we have to we can survive with very little, but that is not the way to,live our lives. We can be boundless, rich in mind and body. “Blessings” indeed.

    We can be “Multiple” as Walt Whitman wrote.

    When I see prosperity around me, I relish in its possibilities, for all of us.That others paved the way. And continue to do so. Intellectually. Materially. Psychologically. Technologically…. All the modern marvels of mankind.

    A tribute to those great in mind and small in fears.

    Life is not a pie with limited pieces to go around, as many economists try to tell us. We have unlimited resources and a universe yet to travel and explore. Yes, there is still a struggle ahead, but what an adventure!

    Perhaps this time of year is a reminder of our striving for the true brotherhood of mankind, in the
    years ahead. An opportunity to strengthen our resolve.

    And as Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong sang: What a Wonderful World.”

    Regards, and the best of the season.


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