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“I would never do something like that”

Dear T.K.,

As you begin the New Year, please keep the following in mind:

1) Everybody doesn’t share your sensitivities and priorities

2) Everybody doesn’t subscribe to the same code of ethics that you abide by.

3) Everybody doesn’t speak the same love language as you.

4) Everybody isn’t offended by what offends you and some people are offended by things you’re okay with.

5) Everybody doesn’t have the same obligations, demands, and responsibilities as you.

6) Everybody doesn’t have the same advantages, freedoms, and luxuries as you.

7) Everybody doesn’t make the same assumptions as you.

8) Everybody isn’t dealing with the same issues you’re dealing with and some people are dealing with issues you’re completely unfamiliar with.

9) Lastly, some people have secrets. Some of those secrets are none of your business. Some of those secrets which are none of your business may affect the way others behave. Some of those behaviors, which are based on secrets that are none of your business, will never make sense to you. This, too, is a part of life and it must be factored into all judgments you make.

Here’s Today’s Two Cents:

Whenever you’re tempted to feel self-righteous because YOU think “I would NEVER do something like THAT”, just remember that everybody isn’t YOU and that this is a GOOD thing.

Diversity, as annoying as it is to YOU at times, is what makes the universe an abundant place.

The appreciation of it, is your highest form of wealth.


Your Inner Self

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  1. I totally agree with The Water bearer. This is an incredible list that everyone must read. It certainly would go a long way to prevent a lot of unnecessary fighting among people!
    I’d like to comment on number 9. I make a distinction between keeping something secret and keeping it private. I make this distinction because to me there is a difference in meaning of each and the behaviors that go along with each. A secret can be private, something one keeps to oneself because it’s nobody’s business. But there are also secrets kept that can be dangerous to the well-being of the person. We can’t always know when it is the latter, but often we get a feeling. It is not our responsibility to live someone’s life for him/her, but it can be a kindness when we get the feeling that something is off in a “bad” way, to just put it out there to the person that we will be an ear, if there’s ever anything that person wants/needs to talk about. For now that’s the most clearly I can explain it, but I think it an important distinction to make. Thanks again, T.K. Cheers 🙂

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