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No one has a monopoly on hardship

If your problems are different from everyone else’s, then you’re just like everyone else.

We’re all on this journey together and none of us have a monopoly on hardship.

So let’s all work together, let’s all learn from each other, and let’s all support one another.

Suffering isn’t a contest, it’s a challenge.

And together we can get through it.

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hey there, my husband and I are jazzed to have gotten your link from somewhere, maybe “Silver for the People Blog” by Brother John. You are one of the most positive folks we’ve ever “met”. Thank you for your efforts to encourage and motivate. It’s wonderful to have a different perspective. So often my husband and I seem like curmugeons (sp) trying to live with a positive attitude in the face of many difficult/disappointing situations.
    Thanks a lot.

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