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Concepts as rides at an amusement park

“Change your mind as often as you like. Time is an illusion. Only now is true. The past is a thought. Hold on to it and make it real if you like, but only this moment is real. Let go whenever you feel like it and start anew. You are the only one that makes your journey heavy or light, the only one who judges or approves. Start, stop and finish only when you feel aligned. Let each new moment be what really feels right for you.” -Gisele Frederich

Concepts are like rides at an amusement park.

Each ride entails certain kinds of experiences.

If you ride the ferris wheel, you’ll spend some time in the air.

If you decide to drive the bumper cars, you’ll probably get bumped around.

Some of those experiences are fun for one type of person.

The same experiences can be nightmarish for another.

To each his own.

None are good or bad in any absolute sense.

If a person doesn’t enjoy the particular way a roller coaster twirls them around, they are free to get off that ride.

The rules of an amusement park are simple:

1) You are never limited to just one ride.

2) You are never obligated to continue participating in rides you don’t like.

3) Have as much fun as you possibly can.

4) Respect everyone else as having the same rights and freedoms as you.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Whatever your beliefs may be, always make sure your concepts are taking you for a ride you actually want to be a part of.

If your current ideological commitments aren’t doing that for you, hop off and find something that does.

The world is as filled with ideas as an amusement park is filled with rides, and you have no obligation to opt for one idea over another.

You’re free to look around.

You’re free to explore.

You’re free to ask questions.

You’re free to try something new.

You’re free to learn from your own personal experience.

You’re free to make mistakes.

You’re free to have your own preferences.

And most of all, you’re free to have a good time.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. TK, the crystal clarity in this post is amazing. I hope that you don’t mind that I re-blogged part of it as a discussion point. Keep it up, it is appreciated!

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