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Get in the mix

A creator never works with external materials alone.

There is always a 5th element, a substance of soul with which the creator’s materials are mixed.

It is the presence of this substance that ensures originality and uniqueness of impact.

A person’s creative work may involve the use of preexisting tools, but the fusion of those tools with their own unique soul-substance is an unprecedented event.

Here’s today’s two cents:

The creators that came before you have already made THEIR mark, but they can’t make YOUR mark.

Whatever resources they may have possessed, the one that they all lacked was your soul.

So, let us hear what the music sounds like when YOU play it.

Let us see how the dance looks when YOU perform it.

Let us hear how the story sounds when YOU tell it.

Let us be amazed at how the universe expands when YOU share YOUR talents, YOUR ideas, and YOUR convictions.

It’s YOUR Universe too.

So, why not mix in a little bit of YOU?

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  1. ‘Make YOUR mark … Mix in a little bit of YOU’ … we’re all dancing together in the center of our own universes … Yeah!!! 😀 <3

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