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Inhabit the dream

Dr. King didn’t just have a dream (noun).

He had a well-cultivated, deliberately focused, persistent habit of dreamING (verb) in spite of being immersed in physical conditions that blatantly opposed his vision.

His legacy is a testimony not merely to the power of a dream, but to the integrity of the one who dares to keep dreams alive even when the pursuit of their fulfillment looks like a nightmare.

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  1. “We shall not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.” M.L.K.
    (Quoting from memory.)

    What a dream! What a man. What a history.

    Wonderful post. A great debt owed to these individuals who spend their lives righting wrongs.

    Have you been watching the 3-part PBS series on “The Abolitionists”? Includes Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Rimke, John Brown? And all their differing views on ending slavery.

    Goes back a long time in mankind’s history. Egypt. Greece. Rome.

    Miles to go before we sleep. Miles to go before we sleep….(Frost)



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