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Alice in Wonderland and the art of wonder-filled living

The story of Alice in wonderland is an enchanting tale of a girl who stumbles down a rabbit hole and discovers a magical world of tea parties, talking animals, and unconventional logic.

The most interesting part of the story to me, however, is not the world of fantasy she found herself in, but rather the means by which she arrived there.

Alice wasn’t looking for magic nor was she hunting for new ideas. She was simply chasing her curiosities and letting her own fascinations lead her wherever they would.

The trip down the rabbit hole, as well as all of the ensuing adventures, was an unplanned consequence of Alice’s insistence on pursuing answers to her questions FOR THE SHEER FUN OF IT!

Here’s today’s two cents:

Interesting discoveries and magical adventures aren’t made by looking for interesting discoveries and magical adventures.

Interesting discoveries and magical adventures are made by trusting the questions, interests, and puzzles that are already important to you enough to follow them even if there’s no guarantee of a tea party being thrown for you at the end.

At least that’s the way I see it.



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  1. Excellent analogy! I love it… I was always getting into trouble at school for being easily distracted. I was a dreamer, and able to relate to Alice at the start of her story from a very young age. This post gives me hope. 🙂 Cheers

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