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Simple Prayers

For the past few days, my prayers have been very simple;

“God, please help me move my legs.”

“God, please help me walk to the kitchen.”

“God, please help me use the bathroom.”

Very little theological training and religious experience is required for these kind of petitions.

Nevertheless, these have been the most intimate and heartfelt prayers I’ve ever uttered because each of them have came from a simple experiential recognition of the fact that WITHOUT GRACE I AM NOTHING.

So much of what we call “simple life” is dependent on a myriad of complex and finely tuned conditions.

We are truly held together by grace.

Everything, from our ability to lift a finger to our capacity to smell the freshness of the air, is nothing less than a gift.

To pray with this quality of awareness is one of the primary goals of spiritual practice.

“God, please help me to live, work, and pray with this kind of awareness at all times, whether in sickness or good health.”

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  1. Hi UB!
    Wow … an amazing journey/story!
    I’m just so glad you’re ok!
    Even as I read your words, I can feel and resonate with your sparkly light!
    That’s why I never worry about you ~~
    Sometimes our bodies give us signs and signals that it’s time to take a rest … to just BE ~~
    Maybe it’s time to just BE … for a little while … and let the universe take full control, to be the driver, so to speak, while you chill out in the passenger seat and just enjoy the ride and soak in the beautiful scenery … the universe knows exactly where you want to ‘go’ … see how it feels to you … it may work like a ‘charm’ ~~
    With love, Christmas 😀 <3

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