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I still believe in “following your passion”

Following your passion isn’t about the money. It’s about your personal evolution.

It’s about discovering the kinds of internal resources that are uniquely invoked when you practice and pursue something because of its intrinsic value.

Yes, money does matter.

Yes, there may be some things you feel passionate about that wont generate revenue.

That’s not a reason to treat your heart’s calling as if it’s dispensable.

You are here for a reason (whether that reason comes from God, yourself, society, or whoever you want to pin it on).

Don’t let preoccupation with HOW to make a living prevent you from wrestling with the fundamental question of WHY you are here.

Remember your passion. Create time for your passion. Fight for your passion.

You deserve to feel the energy of being aligned with your highest excitement.

Whether you ever get paid for doing the things you love or not, the contribution you make to society by giving the world an example of someone who has “come alive” will be priceless.

At least that’s the way I see it.



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