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Celebrity Scandals Aside…

You don’t need a celebrity to fall on their face in order to know you’re okay.

You don’t need a superstar to say something dumb in order to know you’re smart.

You don’t need to see a gorgeous model get dumped by her boyfriend in order to know you’re beautiful.

You don’t need to hear about a high-profile divorce in order to feel good about your love life.

You don’t need to see a successful person struggle in order to feel successful.

Your worth as a human being doesn’t depend on anyone else’s imperfection.

Your value is a self-contained, independently existing reality.

You are who you are, which is something quite wonderful, regardless of what popular people say or do.

Forget everyone else and celebrate yourself.

You will never find a celebrity scandal that is as interesting and fascinating as the divine potential of your own life.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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