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Don’t forget option # 3

Concerning the truth of any given proposition, there are three possible stances one could take:

1) Affirmation:

“I believe the proposition to be true!”

2) Negation:

“I believe the proposition to be false!”

3) Suspension of judgment:

“I lack sufficient evidence, knowledge, or data to confidently affirm or deny the proposition’s truth!”

Option # 1 is simply an affirmation of belief. It is the claim that one knows something to be true.

Ex. “I am certain that the New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2012.”

Option # 2 is the exact opposite. It is the claim that one knows something to be false.

Ex. “I am confident that the Giants did NOT win the Super Bowl in 2012.”

Option #3 is nothing more than an honest admission that one does not know if a particular matter is true or false.

Ex. “I have no idea who won the Super Bowl in 2012.”

Whenever a discussion on “important” ideas arises, you will often be challenged to take sides.

People might say things like, “Just make a choice!”, or “Who’s side are you on?” or “Have some guts and state an opinion!”

Others may even attempt to make you feel as if you’re being weak, indecisive, or cowardly by not adopting a precise “I’m for it” or “I’m against it” position on their favorite topic of interest.

Well, here’s today’s two cents:

Do NOT forget option # 3

“I don’t know”, as long as it’s honestly stated, is always a valid position to take on any issue.

No matter what anyone says, you always have the time and space to think things through before declaring yourself the friend or enemy of a particular belief.

There are a lot of axes to grind in this world and everybody wants YOU to be a part of their camp. It’s good for their numbers and it helps their agenda.

But none of that is more important than your right to form your opinions, ideas, and beliefs in your own time and on your own terms.

That may make others uncomfortable, but that’s their problem.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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