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If it matters to you, is anything else required?

Perhaps it is enough to find it fascinating.

Perhaps our tastes, preferences, and passions are perfectly capable of standing on their own feet.

Perhaps it is sufficient for you and I to simply enjoy what we do.

Perhaps desire is self-validating.

Perhaps arguments, justifications, and defensive rationalizations are not as indispensable as we suppose.

Perhaps it is neither important nor necessary to prove that what (or who) we love is important or necessary.

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  1. Hi T.K,

    Hope all is well with you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    As a master once said: “Ask and you shall receive”, in my personal
    Quest, in the search of Truth I asked and therefore I received. Somehow
    By grace I stumbled upon the truth.

    Now I feel I have a celestial obligation to share my truth with other
    Seekers, shedding some light to the essence of our religions and I am going
    To deliver this message of unity in form of a book, a book dedicated specifically
    To religions of Abrahamic Faith.

    But I can not claim to be a person that I am not, no matter how exciting
    It may sound to my ego, or to other people’s agenda.

    I am always open to serve my country and humanity in this transition of eons.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Zac,

      I’m interested in your Abrahamic Faith, what is it exactly? I personally am not a religous person and choose to not belong to any specific religion, but I do find it fun and intriguing to study and learn about religion, and yours happens to be one that I haven’t heard of.

      Sincere regards,

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