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Change never needs to be motivated by guilt, self-condemnation, or a sense of being sinful.

Change is morally and aesthetically neutral.

Change is not about being good or bad. Change is not about being right or wrong.

Change is about creating what matters most to you.

If you change, change because those changes will help you produce the resultsĀ you feel passionate about.

Change because you want to change, not because someone else guilt-trips you into believing that staying the same is a crime.

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  1. TKColeman I love most of your posts… but I finally get to one that I don’t really buy and you left off your “at least that’s how I see it.” I certainly think that authentic change can’t arise from someone else’s guilt-trip but I think guilt and sin are more complex ideas than merely “the opinion of others.” Keep posting… whether I agree or not… and whether or not you continue to include the “at least that’s how I see it” which I love so much.

  2. My personal guilt has developed over the years to become much less about what others think or want to guilt-trip me into being. I am much more insistent to let my guilt be produced from my recognition of my own unsavoury behaviour, actions I am not happy with, etc. I accept them and feel guilt and then desire to change said behaviour. Does this contradict your theory? Great thought provoking post!

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