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The conversation that counts

There are millions of discussions happening every day.

Only one of them really matters: the internal dialogue you’re having with your own convictions and inner callings.

Anything that pulls you out of that conversation, is just noise.

Engage the world and absorb as much goodness as you can retain, but don’t let the noise drown out the conversation that counts.


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  1. Hey T.K.!

    Really loving all the posts lately! But I have question, what if the information that we are retaining from our inner conversation isn’t necessarily a postive conversation? Should we still be retaining the inner dialogue as being important?

    Anyway, on a different subject, I hope that you are recovering from surgery well, and hope that all is good.

    Sending my regards,


    1. I think some noise is part of that inner conversation- as long as you’re still engaged with those convictions and feelings most important to you, and keep that conversation alive and moving forward, doubts and negative thoughts are a natural part of the process. I think we just try not to follow them into a different conversation.

      The continuity of the prime conversation is the most important priority- that its not drowned- and then we can concern ourselves with the pieces.

      At least that’s MY two cents ;), but also defer to TJ.

  2. I must watch my inner conversation partner carefully, for she sometimes attempts to retreat into the past, calling me to join her as if that’s a good place to reside. I know better. I know where that journey leads and it’s a very bad place. Still, I must be on my guard, especially when we’re alone for an extended length of time. I’m thankful that I’ve come far enough to recognize what she’s trying to do.

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