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My Non-Valentine Message

Today is Valentine’s Day.

My brain tells me, ‘write something about love.’

My heart says, ‘Sorry. I love that topic, but I have nothing to say on it right now. Can I just say what I feel regardless of whether or not it fits a Valentine’s Day theme?’

My brain responds, ‘No! You must write about love or everyone will think you’re an insensitive unloving jerk with no appreciation or respect for romance.’

My heart replies, ‘You don’t sound like the voice of love at all. You sound like fear. You sound like insecurity. You sound like the need to be right, the need to please, the need to fit in. Why don’t you get lost and let me write about WHAT I love even if it’s not the SUBJECT of love?’

My brain screams, ”because that would be unreasonable and risky.

My heart smiles and calmly whispers, “Sounds just like my love life and THAT worked out pretty well. Take a break, brain. Today, I’m going to lead.”

Here’s today’s two cents:

Do what you love, even if it doesn’t sound romantic when you explain it to others.


T.K. Coleman

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