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When reality sets in

We begin by dreaming.

Once dreams are pursued, “the reality” sets in.

But what we call “the reality” –sacrifices, hardships, compromises, setbacks, etc–is all a part of the dream.

The realities that seem to contradict our dreams do not belong to some other realm that must be ignored or defeated.

Those realities are the very elements that teach us how to substantiate our dreams.

Living the dream isn’t just about getting what we want. It’s about learning to navigate the complexities and challenges inherent in the process of creating.

When we face obstacles, it’s not because our dreams are being smacked in the face by reality. It’s because they’re being pushed from behind by possibility.

The very things we take as evidence against our dreams may quite possibly be the most creatively efficient means for their manifestation.

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  1. It amazes me how you always say the right thing at the right time.

    I am just off a month of obstacles, one after the other, while in the process of producing my musical. By the time of our final performance yesterday, I had lost ten pounds, was sleeping two hours a night due to very early morning adrenaline surges, was convinced I’d be in the hole by $5000 at the end of the “worst experience of my life” and thought for sure, due to all the associated stress, that I would never ever ever entertain the thought of producing again.

    Today, after an extraordinary turn of events, it seems I’ll break even, I was able to sleep through the night, my body accepted a good hearty meal, I am excited about the future prospects of the show, and am pretty sure I’ll be producing it for years to come.

    I liken it to having a baby. How quickly we forget the strain and pain of pregnancy and child birth when we finally hold that precious bundle in our arms.

    Obstacles are indeed as important as you say. Thanks again T.K.

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