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We can feel your pain

Emotional experiences do not occur in a vacuum.

There are always others–coworkers, partners, roommates, neighbors, family members, friends, etc–who are affected by the way we choose to process our feelings.

Saying, “I was just emotional” or “I was really hurt/angry/stressed out” is not a substitute for being considerate of our social environment.

Having an emotional experience, no matter how volatile it is, is always valid. We can never be wrong for what we feel. It is a private, personal matter and we get to set the rules.

Handling an emotional experience is an entirely different matter. Unless we decide to lock ourselves alone in a room, our choices will affect someone.

Everywhere I look, I see billboards encouraging us to “Drink Responsibly!”

I’d love to see a few that say, “Emote Responsibly.”

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  1. So true!! Although the times I have locked myself in my room have effected others as well. Those who would rather I was interacting with them. Most commonly my 9 yr old daughter. She has trouble taking the hint that Mummy needs a minute or 20, otherwise she might not like who she finds. :/

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