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There’s no need to be star-struck

Being starstruck by popular speakers, gurus, and motivators is not a prerequisite for personal development.

If you’re unimpressed by the latest and greatest personalities in self-help, there’s still hope.

You don’t have to like Joel Osteen.

You don’t need to be a Tony Robbins fan.

You’re not even required to like Suze Orman.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t enjoy T.E.D. talks.

There’s an immense variety of authors, styles, philosophies, and approaches on almost every issue imaginable.

For every thinker you dislike, there are 10 thinkers who are absolutely nothing like them.

Whatever you need, the answers, insights, and helpers ARE out there.

If you can’t find ANY information, ANY people, or ANY resources that resonate with you, there’s a shortcoming somewhere in your research.

Fix it.

Fix it with the utmost sense of urgency.

Because the future will belong to those who find ways to learn, not to those who become experts at reducing their options to the unhelpful ideas espoused by people who don’t inspire them.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Reblogged this on Human In Recovery and commented:
    In light of my current hindrances in doing my own blog posting, I have decided to experiment with reblogging and using my WordPress phone app in lieu of access to my computer.

    So, each day, until I have access to a computer to use in my home again, I will share a blog post that resonates with me.

    I liked the thought’s in this post, “There’s no need to be star-struck.” I agree with them. I also think that the more experienced, jaded and cynical of us might need to take it a step further and actually read through the thoughts and ideas of those we may be quick to dismiss, because of the celebrity of the author and who we have decided they are and what they’re about based on their celebrity.

    Truth is truth, regardless of source, as is b.s. I wonder how much truth is dismissed and rejected because of it’s source.

  2. This is excellent. Others can give you guidance and point you in the right direction but each of us must find our own truth and live a life that makes sense and works for us as individuals. Hopefully we are all seeking the truth. With diligence and pure intent we are capable of finding it.

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