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When your heroes let you down

The seeker of truth who wishes to persists in his pursuit of higher understanding must be a master of separating the personality of his teachers from the philosophies which they espouse.

Ideas can be useful even when the character of those who introduce them is objectionable.

Personally, I have never had a teacher who failed to disappoint me. Fortunately, I eventually learned to see truth as an attribute whose existence does not depend on the integrity of the finger pointing to it.

Everyone, from teacher to student, from mentor to apprentice, from guru to follower, from celebrity to fan, has a litany of past choices, peculiar idiosyncracies, and personal biases, that make them disappointing at best.

The moral of the story?

Keep learning. Keep growing. And when your teachers and heroes let you down, continue learning, and continue growing.

In the end, your commitment is not to the deification of those who inspire you. It’s to your own spiritual evolution, your own journey of self-actualization. Stay focused on thatThat is what really matters.

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  1. I needed to hear that TK. Thank you! Very helpful. I’m having back surgery on March 18th and bringing Billie to you and Alanna during that time. I’m scared but I know I need to do this. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Nancy

    1. Sometimes when you sets an example, you sets a bad one.
      Failure is not when you fall. Failure is when you stop getting up.

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