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There’s more to creating than being good

Creating the kind of stuff that matters to you is never unrewarding.

It will always result in a new and improved version of self.

Yet there are those who would caution you against creating if they perceive you as someone who lacks the “it” factor.

“We don’t need anymore bad art and boring performances”, they say.  “Do something phenomenal or go home.”

But there’s more to creating than being good.

Creating, before it is anything else, is the process of becoming human. We choose to be less than who we really are when we refuse to create.

The world needs experimenters and explorers.

The world needs people who are willing to make noise, even at the expense of being called “obnoxious”, in order to figure out how to make beautiful music.

The world needs people who stink at creating to try creating while they still stink at it.

The Universe is big enough to handle our mistakes and missteps.

Neither you nor I will ruin the cosmos by doing crappy work. If that were possible, then the world’s greatest creators would have already destroyed the world with the tons of crap they created before finding their groove.

Make some noise. Spill some paint. Hit some bad notes. Fumble the ball. Trip and fall.

We can handle it. You can handle it.

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