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Guilt isn’t the same as growth

The remorse we feel over past decisions can just as easily become a time-consuming distraction as it can be a catalyst for change.

Guilt, in and of itself, does not constitute growth.

Lessons may be learned from the past, but they can only be applied in the present.

Personal development hasn’t taken place until one’s attention has been redirected from what happened to what is happening, from what one has done to what one can currently do, from where one has been to where one is now capable of going.

The knowledge we gain from our failures is not a license to condemn the self we once were, but rather an opportunity to consciously evolve into the person we wish to become.

When we wallow in the past without a clear determination for moving forward, we are like paupers sifting through garbage dumps for lost coins that we never intend to spend.

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  1. Hope all is well, T.K.

    Another excellent post.

    The “lessons we (can) learn from the past” to move forward constitute one of the integral ways that the “whole point of learning is to make us bigger, not smaller.” That regret is a waste of spirit.

    Back to a busy tax season.



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