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As in sports, so in life

In sports, you play for your own pride.

You play for the people you represent.

You play for the hardworking teammates running beside you.

You play for the fans who need something to root for.

You play for the experience of being part of something that’s bigger than winning.

Even when outmatched, you play as if your life depends on the game.

That’s what competitiveness is. It’s not the belief that you’re going to win. It’s the refusal to let anything other than your own actions decide.

Here’s today’s two cents (written as I watch low ranked NCAA teams give their best shot against reputable programs they’re not supposed to beat):

Be competitive!

Even if you think you’re destined to lose, don’t play like a loser.

Wins and losses may determine your record, but your attitude and actions will define your legacy.

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