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There’s no neutral place in philosophic space

No matter where you stand on any issue, you run the risk of offending a dissenting party.

If you believe all opinions are equally valid, you’ll offend the man who believes his ideas are objectively better than others. If you believe some ideas are better than others, you’ll offend the guy who believes all opinions are equally valid.

If you go left, you’ll offend those who insist on everyone going right. If you go right, you’ll offend those who demand you go left. If you stay in the middle, you offend those who want you to take a specific side.

If you invoke a deity, you’ll offend those who don’t like deities. If you avoid making reference to deities, you’ll offend those who’ll think you’re too secular.

If you have a strong opinion, you’ll offend people who don’t like your opinion. If you don’t have a strong opinion, you’ll offend those who think you’re being too politically correct.

The moment you set a thought in motion, no matter how seemingly innocent or well-intentioned that thought may be, you’re going to make someone’s blood boil.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Have a backbone!

Believe what you actually believe. Say how you really feel. Do what you truly want to do. And don’t let people’s decision (yes, it is a decision) to be offended intimidate you into living a life that isn’t yours.

If you enjoy playing social games where you pretend to have opinions that don’t really belong to you, then play your heart out and have an amazing time.

Just don’t buy into the illusion that you can avoid controversy by refusing to have convictions.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hi T.K. thank you for these inspiring words. I really love your encouragement to stay true to my standards. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of that! 🙂

  2. Good Advice! Never sharing your thoughts because your afraid of offending will result in your ideas never being tested and you would never gain new insights.

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