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What Easter means to me

The resurrection represents the conquering of death, the triumphant defeat of our limiting beliefs and immobilizing illusions.

The removal of the stone represents our ability to transcend the seemingly unsurpassable obstacles that cave us in to a tomb-like quality of existence.

The missing body of Christ represents the totality of our redemption from the past, our inner power to disidentify from our former state and create a new reality.

The ascension of Christ represents the awakening of higher possibilities within the human consciousness.

What does Easter mean to you?

However you answer that question, happy easter to you and yours.

May this be a season of spiritual fertility and renewal, and may the grace of God empower you to discover life in death, creativity in destruction, and hope in despair.

All the best,

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Sending the same wonderful wishes back to you, T.K. !
    Hope you are well and that your healing is steady and smooth.
    Easter Cheers 🙂

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