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Reflections on Magic and The Flourishing Life

Magic is not the manifestation of nonexistent qualities; it is the bringing forth, into perception, of details and dimensions that are already present.

True magic is psychological–not because the physical world is incapable of being altered, but because the apparent imperfections which seem to make such alterations necessary exist only in the mind. Once the idea of imperfection has been dissolved in the solution of higher understanding, the material world reveals itself to be one with the mystical world.

This is what William Blake referred to as cleansing “the doors of perception”¬†and what Thomas Moore called, “the re-enchantment of everyday life.”

Our lives become magical to the extent that we’re capable of seeing through the illusion of ordinariness.

Question your perceptions relentlessly.

The so-called familiar world is filled with hidden dimensions and astounding possibilities.

The perennial quest for a life of enchantment, adventure, and bliss does not require us to supernaturally alter things; it only demands that we learn how to see, through the eyes of wonder, the things that are already there.

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  1. Thank you TK! I had a very challenging day filled with stress right before surgery trying to get everything done. I got home and I’m drained feeling that I still have so much to do and will will never get it done in time. I want to cry. I’m so tired and I haven’t stopped running. I needed to hear what you had to say today in your blog. thank you. Nancy XO

  2. I Like it!
    The things we already have..yes.
    I would add (but you say such things on other days!) – also what we can create and contribute.
    Continually positive, isnpired, inspiring and wel formed thoughts T.K.

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