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Facts are never fixed

Carl Jung wrote: “Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”

What is true of the hidden aspects of the psyche, is also true of the overlooked presuppositions in our philosophies: Whatever we fail to recognize as a concept, a vantage point, a judgment, or an opinion, we experience as an objective fact, a fixed reality within which we have limited power.

A “fact”, however, is just a conceptual model that is so effective at helping us navigate the world, that we forget our right and freedom to question it.

To the degree we can internalize external conditions by identifying the unquestioned assumptions they mirror back to us, we can achieve the ability to voluntarily alter our perceptions and, thereby, consciously create our world.

Resist the alluring temptation to commit too strongly to a particular belief about what “is.”

However enlightened our perspective, there is always a broader and deeper understanding to be had. And however practical or pleasant our schemas and worldviews, there are always other paradigms to choose from.

Something to consider the next time you’re inclined to conclude that the day (or life itself) “is” bad.


T.K. Coleman

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