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Find work that’s worth doing

Instead of looking for work that requires no energy, try creating the kind of work that gives you your energy back.

Passion is not opposed to effort; it’s opposed to exhaustion.

When you’re truly following your bliss, you may work hard, but at the end of the day you’ll feel more pleasure than pain, more pride than pity, more peace than perplexity, and more power than passivity.

The real reward of a dream isn’t the trophy you get in the end; it’s the enthusiasm and sense of meaningfulness you get to experience in everyday life.

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  1. True, good and wise.

    T.K. Your writings are excellent. More valid and true philosophy, suggestions, bright advice in your succinct daily missives than many a book in the non-fiction realm!

    Much of the information realming from economics to technology, invention and creativity, to business startups and more, which i receive by email goes into my read now/later folder. I read your writing when I see it, then and there, each day!

    Keep on keeping on!


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