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Personal Development: Is it conservative or liberal?

It’s neither.

Personal development is personal, not political.

The principles of self-determinism are neither the invention nor the property of any bureaucrat, elected official, or party system.

The core catalyst in the actualization of human potential is the will to be free in one’s mind prior to, and independently of, any organizational commitments, institutional memberships, and political ideologies.

Life, liberty, and the proclivity to pursue happiness existed long before the first man-made governments and they will endure long after man-made governments fall away.

Politics is not the mother of humanity’s brilliance and autonomy; it is, at it’s best, a partial, secondary, temporary, and imperfect expression of the freedom and creative prowess that belongs innately to the human spirit.

All lasting change begins not with politics, but with the recognition that we are the power upon which politics depend.

Wherever we go from there, we go aware.


T.K. Coleman

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