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Why I’m not a believer

I am not a believer.

That is, I don’t believe in having beliefs for the sake of having beliefs.

I am a thinker, a doer, an explorer, a creator, an adventurer.

I don’t believe in ideas. I contemplate them, I compare and contrast them, I use them, I wrestle with them, I write about them, I sing them, I paint them, I embody them, I play with them, I pretty much do everything but believe them.

I work with concepts in the same manner that an artist works with his materials or that a construction worker works with his tools; I pick them up and put them down according to my own interest, convenience, pleasure, and pragmatic consideration.

I have no loyalty to any paradigm or school of thought. My loyalty is to the felt experience of love, bliss, peace, harmony, and creative freedom.

I rendezvous with ideas towards that end.

Practical effectiveness and recreational usefulness is my full gamut of concern.

If you have “The Truth”, let’s see what I can do with it: Can I make music with it? Can I write poetry from it? Can I sing it? Can I improve my relationships with it? Will it make me feel happier, more content, or more peaceful? Will it make me more compassionate? Will it take my mind on an interesting trip? Will it connect me to God, The Universe, The Transpersonal Essence, or whatever term you use for Ultimate Reality? Will it expand my freedom? If not, you can keep it.

I have no use for detached dogmas and arbitrary abstractions regardless of how “truthful” their advocates deem them to be.

Give me possibilities with which I can play and I will choose them over a belief on any given day.

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