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I changed my mind

There’s a certain quality of professionalism, craftsmanship, and artistic refinement that gradually emerges in the work of those who don’t take days off.

I want the privilege of observing such refinement in my writing.

I want to be a great writer. I want to be polished. I want to be a masterful technician, a transparent soul, a stimulating thinker, and a lucid conveyer of ideas.

This takes consistency and commitment.

So, what of my previously announced hiatus?

To hell with it (for now at least).

I know that I’m dealing with various sorts of challenges and annoying elements of chaos, but that’s life.

I don’t want to wait until the storms subside for me to resume my acts of creation. I want to create while the storm is at its peak. I want to send a signal out to the universe that says, “I am here to follow my bliss and fulfill my calling in the sunshine and in the rain.”

I’ll be alright. Part of the reason why I know I will be alright is because I write. And for me, writing is a kind of prayer, a kind of catharsis, a kind of zen.

With that being said, I now announce an immediate hiatus from my writing hiatus.

Who was I fooling? I don’t have a choice. My spirit compels me to write.

So, write I must.

I hope you’ll continue to join me.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. This is what happens when I don’t check your blog for a couple of days: your hiatus begins and ends in mere minutes. I see your point, for I’ve seen tremendous growth in my own writing over the past 18 months, a span when I’ve devoted myself to the craft on a regular basis. The learning is in the doing, not in the thinking about doing. Welcome back.

  2. Stunning, just stunning! T.K, you were born to write; and communicate ideas in ways that no one else could.. this piece is more than a blog, this is a prayer of sorts.. loved every word. Blown away by your dedication and integrity! looking forward to more of these moments. much appreication and respect! Nigel.

    Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 08:00:39 +0000 To: [email protected]

  3. Of course I’ll continue to follow you. I love that you changed your mind and are now taking a hiatus from your writing hiatus! I understand when you say writing is a kind of prayer for you. Yes, I get that, T.K. I look forward to continuing following you as your spirit continues to create. I hope the chaos calms and clears very soon. Cheers 🙂

  4. Ummmm, that might have just made my day :). I too have come to appreciate your $0.02 and have learned and grown through considering your insight … Super glad to have you back, and looking forward to participating in your journey ..

  5. YAY! TK’s back! 🙂 One of my favorite teachers once told me the way to become a better writer is to write! Practice every day. Just like anything else in which we wish to become better at, practice. So it makes sense to me; but I must say TK, it is my opinion, that you are already an excellent writer.. just MY two cents there 🙂

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