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Fight for home-court advantage

In the sporting world, there’s a concept known as “home-court advantage.”

This refers to the competitive edge that one team has over their opponent based on the location of the match.

The team that gets to play in its own city, in front of its own fans typically performs better than when they play “on the road.”

The idea behind this concept is that there is a psychological element of performance separate and distinct from physical ability and skill.

While great performers are capable of succeeding in the face of adversity, most people tend to actualize more of their potential when they’re being cheered on, encouraged, and praised.

Here’s today’s two cents:

The results you create in your life are not solely determined by your skill, creativity, and will-power.

As humans, we are communal beings, and as such, we all need a context of psychological support within which we can thrive.

If you’re involuntarily alone in your fight against hardship, make the best of it. But if you can, do whatever is possible to procure home-court advantage.

Wherever you’re going and regardless of how hard you’re working, you’re going to need a loyal tribe of friends and advocates to spur you on.

At least that’s the way I see it (since I’m sitting in front of the Television watching the NBA playoffs).



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  1. Unfortunate for some teams that face difficulty fielding a team that can win anywhere. I usually find myself cheering for the underdog (Cinderella during March Madness). BTW who are you cheering for? Let me guess…the Lakers.

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