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Make it Yours!

My college music professor once said, “a song isn’t yours until you’ve sang it a hundred times.”

The same may be said of an idea.

It’s one thing to know it. It’s another thing to own it.

When you hear something new, you’re only aware of it.

When you deliberately choose to listen to something again and again, it becomes a part of your soul.

The word “rehearse” can be broken up into “re”, “hear”, and “see.”

Only when you re-hear (repeatedly meditate upon and practice) an idea do you begin to see with a new sense of clarity.

That’s my stipulative definition for “rehearse”: re-hear until you see.

As you grow in your awareness of new insights, be sure to take ownership of what you learn.

Rehearse them until they become yours.


T.K. Coleman

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