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“Some guy” theory

There’s ALWAYS “some guy” for whom “it” doesn’t work, and it doesn’t matter what the subject is.

Whether we’re talking about losing weight, eating healthier, managing money, investing resources, building a business, having a successful marriage, learning to meditate, etc, there will always be a story about “some guy” who just couldn’t get the system, the diet, the idea, or whatever to work for him.

Most people begin their research by looking for that guy and as soon as they find him, they’re off the hook.

“It didn’t work for that guy, so it wont work for me.”

Case closed. Dreams abandoned. Cynicism adopted.

What these same people often forget, however, is that the “some guy theory” supports everything.

There’s also “some guy” who didn’t take the risk and spent the rest of his life in regret.

There’s also “some guy” who played it safe and ran into danger.

Just last week, “some guy” tried it for the first time and was a huge success.

“Some guy” is everywhere and, quite frankly, I think his results have very little to do with you and me.

Results vary because people vary, levels of commitment vary, efforts vary, strengths and weakness vary, personal callings vary, and so on.

Whatever your plans, purposes, and projects may be, base it on your experiences, your beliefs, your tolerance for risk, and your opportunities.

“Some guy” isn’t living your life and he probably wont be around to comfort you if you fail to live yours.


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