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Lost cause or not, I’m in it to win it

My belief in humanity isn’t based on something I wish were true; it’s based on empirical facts that have been demonstrated in every civilization without exception.

Many of our world’s greatest optimists and revolutionaries were not the pampered children of prosperity, but they were people who experienced some of the most agonizing hardships of all-time.

History is replete with inspiring examples of people who “shouldn’t” have been able to make it out of their impoverished and disadvantaged position, but who went on to change the world for good.

We’re not doing anybody any favors by counting them out or giving up on them because of the harsh realities they face.

The greatest gift we can give to those who are disadvantaged (and, truthfully, all of us are disadvantaged in some way) is the gift of compassionately believing in their possibilities even when conditions reflect the contrary.

I’ve been blessed to have people in my life who dreamt great things for me even when I couldn’t imagine such things for myself.

My commitment to the world is to do the same for others.

We don’t have to deny the reality of hardship.

Let’s be honest about the following: life absolutely stinks for a lot of people out there.

But once we come to grips with that fact, we have two choices: we can throw in the towel because we don’t want to get our hearts broken by dreaming big dreams on behalf of suffering people, or we can fight like hell and do everything in our power to make it possible for everyone to dream bigger and live better.

I’ve already had my heartbroken a thousand times by believing in people. And I’ll gladly take the chance of getting it broken a thousand more times in the name of fighting for people’s possibilities.

Even if it’s a lost cause, I’ll devote myself to that before I ever accept the status quo as the final reality.

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